Sincere thanks to #Mamamia for sharing Linda’s story. It is such an important issue globally. Thank you to Linda for her advocacy and bravery in telling her truth so that others can be spared or at least educated.

Many injured are unable to work, financially ruined, lost their relationship/marriages/family, suicidal, and have no access to the disability support pension, health care cards (unless able to get onto newstart). Surgical mesh was never made to be removed. When it goes wrong, it goes terribly wrong. There is no rhyme or reason why someone is injured and others appear not to be. There is no mesh/device implant register to find those who have had surgery to be questioned or checked if they are ok. The government has thrown $ at a pelvic floor surgical register going forward, but NOTHING for those already injured, and NOTHING for those who may be injured and are yet to connect the dots of chronic pain, illness and autoimmune issues. Russian Roulette is how many of our community describe it. We have been told we are the “only ones” this has ever happened to; we are so rare and complicated. This simply isn’t true. There are thousands.

Three mesh injured mums started up Mesh Injured Australia Incorporated to spread awareness and lobby for #mesh injured support. MIA is a registered charity with ACNC and is devoted to bringing these issues and often catastrophic complications to light for men and women who are unexplicably suffering from pain and illness months or years after surgical mesh repair. Many of them (and their GPs) take years to make the connection that it’s the mesh that is causing their chronic complications.

1800MESHED (1800 637433) national toll free number,

public facebook page

instagram, pinterest and twitter accounts.

MIA can also direct sufferers to closed support group pages so you can chat with others in the same boat. You are not alone.

There are “native tissue” repairs available, as well as pelvic floor physio, pessaries and all kinds of treatments that women should try prior to signing up for a quick fix.

Awareness, education and informed consent are the key to stopping more men and women be injured by surgical mesh #SUI #StressUrinaryIncontinence #Prolapse #POP #hernia #mesh #meshinjured. There is also quite a bit of information provided by the TGA on its page “Transvaginal Mesh Hub”.