To repair.. To remove… Or not …

This is a highly contentious subject and the answer is a personal choice for each individual.  As you have had one of the many devices on the market for your surgery this will dictate how and where it is placed in your body and if it was even fitted correctly.  Your operation notes will tell you which device you had implanted and a 3d/4d ultrasound scan, read by a skilled and highly experienced Doctor with experience in mesh, will tell you where it is now.

At Mesh Injured Australia we are mindful that mesh injury is relatively new in the medical world.  This means that data collection and research studies in 2018 is poorly lacking.  Therefore, NO ONE can honestly advise you what to do with 100% certainty.

However, our members report that partial removal seem to not improve quality of life for most and can disrupt the integrity of the mesh, often requiring further invasive surgeries and out of pocket costs.  Currently there is not the data or statistics anywhere in the world that recommends partial “trim” over full removal surgery.

We recommend you research, research and do MORE research. We invite you to take your time with this process, until you can make an informed decision about YOUR health, YOUR body, and YOUR choices.

All bodies are different. You can’t replicate someone else’s experience.

Make your own judgement, opinion and be informed.

THIS by far, is the biggest single piece of advice we can offer you.

Do your own “due diligence”, and be sure that you make the right decision for YOU and YOUR family.