If you are a health professional or seeing clients presenting with mesh injury we welcome you to Mesh Injured Australia – thank you for your time, we appreciate the support.

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We hope this website will enable you to gain a better understand mesh injury and the complex nature of this global problem.

In particular, we are mindful that many of our community has experienced a great deal of pain, illness and trauma on their journey to joining the dots and making the connection that they have been adversely affected by surgical mesh. This is in some way demonstrated on the TGA websitehttps://www.tga.gov.au/alert/urogynaecological-surgical-mesh-complications  The lack of information, with credible studies and research makes your job very difficult.  However, we feel that our community should not have to suffer as a consequence of this.

Many of our members report “having to explain my mesh injury” as being one of the toughest jobs they face when continually having to advocate for themselves when trying to be heard and seek medical treatment for their associated health issues.  Often, they will have been disbelieved and worse, told mesh is not their problem, or referred to psychiatrists with the message “it’s all in your head”.

Aside from ill heath, chronic pain and the trauma associated with that, our members need compassion, empathy and a space to feel heard. Their carers and family members need support too https://meshinjuredaustralia.org.au/i-am-supporting-a-mesh-injured-person/

Mesh injured clients can often present as defensive, traumatised and despondent.  If you had walked a mile in our shoes, you may behave like this too. We urge you to take that extra time, or go the extra mile with mesh injured patients as their needs is great and very real.

Please click on the following image “Open letter in support of mesh injury” by Dr Kevin Petersen MD.

If we can be of any support to you or your clients please contact support@meshinjuredaustralia.org.au

or call 1800 MESHED (1800 637 433) national toll free in Australia.