The Flower Empowered was established as an online resource for women across the world who are suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. As well as hosting the world’s largest pelvic health directory with over 4000 specialists across 48 countries, the site offers a knowledge portal which details the various pelvic floor dysfunctions and treatments. The mission of this site is to play a role in breaking the taboo surrounding pelvic floor dysfunction.

The pelvic floor plays a pivotal role in your overall health as it sits at the base of your pelvis supporting the organs of urination, sexual function and defecation. Your center of gravity also rests in this epicenter of the pelvis where the ligaments of the uterus meet at the cervix.

Your body is constantly striving to achieve homeostasis whilst communicating with you through subtle reflexes and sensations. The symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain etc.) are your body’s way of communicating an imbalance. These symptoms can be caused by physical, chemical or emotional stresses.

By gaining a fundamental understanding into the workings of the pelvic floor and its interactions with other muscles, bones and bodily systems, you can begin to move towards healing. If you can listen to the subtle reflexes and sensations of your body opens you can begin to communicate with your body in a new way by providing it with the right balance of movement, relaxation and nutrition to reestablish homeostasis thus eliminating the symptoms that plague you. Healing is achievable when you empower yourself.

We believe that the journey of empowerment reaches beyond the pelvic floor. The emotional aspect of pelvic floor dysfunction is often overlooked. The embarrassment and shame that is hidden beneath the taboo must be overcome. This will only happen when understand that these symptoms are the language of the body. If we can understand the patterns that shape us, we can change those patterns and tap into more positive energy to shift our perspectives.

Together we can and will make a difference. #breakthePFDtaboo