Important Notice From Shine Lawyers

“In accordance with the orders of Justice Lee of the Federal Court of Australia dated 20 November 2019, Shine Lawyers required to notify all possible class members of the Claimant Registration Notice and Claimant Registration Form.
This Notice contains important information relevant to women who may be entitled to compensation in this proceeding.
To register officially in this Class Action please visit, or you can click the image.
If you need any further information please call Shine Lawyers directly on 1800 884 139.”

Note from Mesh Injured Australia

As you may already be aware, Shine Lawyers lodged a pelvic mesh class action against Johnson & Johnson on behalf of a number of women back in 2012. In November 2019, the judgement was handed down in the Federal Court Sydney. View the news coverage from the announcement (to the right of this screen) from our Youtube channel playlist.
As a result, the Court Ordered for Shine to request ALL facebook related groups to place this notice on their social media/pages. The Orders also requested the names and addresses of those who may have had a related J&J implant (per the list in the class action) through private health insurers, Commonwealth of Australia, private hospitals etc, so that Shine et al can send out this notice to anyone possibly affected. You may have received an email, letter in the mail regarding this registration process. If you haven’t and you believe you may have a tape/tvt/tvto/mesh kit etc that could be involved, please contact Shine or make registration through the links above.  It’s important to get your operation record from the hospital where you had the mesh implanted, as this will define if your mesh implant is one covered in this particular class action. Click here for guidance. We believe there may be other class actions which will evolve for other mesh types/manufacturers.
ANYONE who wishes to be considered for compensation as a result of this order/judgement, HAS to fill in the registration form (online or on paper) and return it by the due date in April.
We would recommend that you take your time, get into the headspace and plan to sit down (with a support person), and go through the registration process.
The process online is relatively easy, but it does take some time. You can’t save it and go back to it later, so it’s best to do it in one sitting or via paper. You can also ask for separate legal advice (of which you would need to organise and pay for separately).
If you are having difficulty, please call Shine 1800 884 139.
Mesh Injured Australia Incorporated is simply providing this information as requested to be displayed by the court. MIA is not financed or has any monetary connection with @ShineLawyers or any law firm. Members should make their own independent decision whether to be involved or not.