It’s that time of year again… Christmas & the end of 2019!

As we all creep to the finish line we wanted to thank you all, as well as some other key influencers, for a successful year at getting the message out there about Mesh injury.

Huge thanks goes to our “TGA Angels” Angie and Eunice for their ongoing voluntary contribution to making a difference for our community. These awesome ladies have stepped up and help guide mesh injured who are having difficulty in submitting an adverse event with the TGA. This assistance means we are able to capture as many mesh injured statistics (officially with the Government) as possible. Thank you <3

We acknowledge all of our followers/likers/members who have courageously spoken with journalists, attended meetings in their states and territories, shared our posts on social media, showed up for the class action in Sydney…  and supported us – to support you in 2019.

Thank you to key influencers for continuing to lobby for “mesh injury” awareness

We wish to thank Anthony Brown and his staff at HCNSW (Health Consumers NSW) for their continued support with co-design of mesh clinics, report writing, “showing up” at meetings at high level to ensure our representatives have felt supported and seen, for his support in the Forum in April and the many introductions and sage advice we have received.  Danny Vadaz from HIC (Health Issues Centre) Victoria has been a trail blazer in speaking out against the injustice of mesh, and continues to support and collaborate in our push for change – as have all the health consumer organisations around the country. Mesh injured Aussies are very lucky to have these guys in our corner. Chronic Pain Australia have also supported our cause enormously in the past year with introductions and speaking events – inviting mesh be part of the narrative.  Their latest press release can be read here.

We also want to acknowledge Joanne McCarthy (and Amanda Hooton Good Weekend /Sydney Morning Herald / Brisbane Times / WA Today / The Age) who won awards for their story on mesh (June 2019).  Joanne continues to work tirelessly to expose and highlight the many injustices and failings of our health system that lead to the mesh crisis, for this we are truly grateful.

See Joanne McCarthy’s portfolio (Newcastle Herald) of mesh related articles here.

Judgment – Pelvic Mesh Class Action

The class action verdict on 21st November saw a lot of media attention, which we hope has brought greater public awareness for all mesh injured Australians, more empathy/validation from the public, family and friends, as well as the health sector and has continued the fight to put pressure on Government and regulatory bodies to avoid this kind of disaster ever happening again.

Click on the above link to view our YouTube playlist containing media relating to the pelvic mesh class action verdict handed down on 21st November 2019 in the Federal Court Sydney.

If you have transvaginal mesh and wish to be a part of the class action please contact the Shine Lawyers Mesh Hotline 1800 884 139 or visit for more information.

There are rumblings of hernia mesh class actions and discussions being had with legal firms and other support groups – once we have firm confirmation we will circulate more details.

We want to acknowledge the four women (Julie Davis, Kathryn Gill, Diane Dawson and Ann Sanders) who rode the SEVEN year long journey exposing their most intimate health and relationship details on behalf of 1350 women (now over 2000 women are signed up with Shine Lawyers for this particular action). Their courage and patience saw a positive outcome with Judge Katzmann finding Johnson & Johnson at fault and the product mesh (she did not discriminate between POP or SUI mesh) being at fault.  MIA also acknowledges the frustration of our community that there are not more class actions for other types of mesh; however, now a precedence has been set in our legal system, we anticipate there will be many further opportunities and more cases brought and justice sought from this positive result. Again, we thank these brave women who endured much, to stand for justice and pave the way.  This highlights the need for all mesh injured to obtain hospital notes/operation records in order to have evidence of what type of mesh was used in your surgery.  Please click here for more info:

We also encourage you to make your adverse event report to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) to ensure Government and regulatory bodies, “see” our complications and adverse events caused by mesh. We have a small team of volunteers who may assist you to make the TGA report if required – please call 1800 637 433 or email us on


Our 1800MESHED hotline has received over 100 calls since inception, from people suspecting mesh is a problem and those wanting more information about non mesh surgery options – thanks for all of the donations to keep this invaluable resource going.  Here are some of the 1800 number feedback via survey monkey:

Recent reviews of 1800 number and Mesh Injured Australia Inc:

I have spoken to Mesh Injured Australia and the volunteer that called me was absolutely wonderful and helped me immensely, giving me information where I can get help. It was good to know that I am not alone with this and help is available.

… It is not only a great support for those who are going through this but very useful and educational for those like me as a preventative. I will go to the Drs now as I just moved states and I will not want the mesh as was going to have so thank you.

I have had incredible support on a personal level from founders and volunteers of MIA. They are well researched and networked with many resources to assist with TGA information, Senate Inquiry information, media reports Nationally and Internationally, connecting sufferers, surgical options, pain management and educating your carers and health practitioners in recognised Mesh complications.
MIA has helped me immensely. Thankyou

Self care at Christmas / Holiday Season

Christmas holidays and end of year can be stressful for those of us with ill-health, it can mark another year of struggle, further loss of health or mobility or both, and it may feel like there isn’t much to celebrate. We urge you to be kind to yourselves, take the offer of help or assistance in the form of a lift, someone else hosting the big day or the chance to put your feet up and rest.  Self-care is of the utmost importance for anyone suffering mesh injury, be kind to you, show others how to treat you by demonstrating your own kindness to yourself and your body these holidays, don’t lose hope and reach out to your support networks when you need to.

We will be taking some time away from our volunteer activities to regenerate our energies for 2020.

For anyone in need: Lifeline 13 11 14

Kim, Justine & Andrea xx