The ‘eight-minute’ cure: how transvaginal mesh sentenced thousands of women to a life of pain

2019 June 15 – Good Weekend Magazine (SMH Sydney, Age Melbourne, Brisbane Times, WA Today) Australia

An excellent account of the journey of Grace ♡
the tragic and avoidable suicide of Alison Blake RIP ♡
due to mesh complications.

This International medical disaster is quoted as a “tragic, two-decade- long-free-for-all” that has promoted greed at the expense of our quality of life. The medical profession and its regulation is finally in question by it’s fraternity and the insanity mesh injured endure every day fighting for help with the continual “buck passing” of responsibility by our Government and regulatory bodies. When will they learn? Are they simply waiting for us to die?


Please go out and buy a copy if you can today to show your support and share it with friends and family – it may help them better understand your situation and spread awareness across our country.

Huge respect and thanks to our courageous mesh injured souls who have shared their intimate stories, and the journalistic skills of Amanda Hooton (SMH) and Joanne McCarthy (Newcastle Herald) and their teams for their tireless support, advocacy, tenacious spirit and love – continuing to share the #mesh story and continuing #meshawareness for our community. 🙏💜🙌🌹🌈