Government Services/Resources to support women injured by transvaginal mesh

The link below/above provides the path to the Therepeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website’s “Transvaginal Surgical Mesh Hub”. It outlines resources to assist serves to offer Government services available to women. Click here: TGA Website – Transvaginal Mesh Hub

Resources updated 17 April 2019.

It does not currently address the issues of those adversely affected by hernia.

Click on the “Consumer Support” services link and you will be directed to then click on your home state.

The state wide mesh clinics have been running for some time now and have only been used by a handful of women thus far. This may be due to of the lack of co-design with mesh injured consumers for many of the clinics. We advise EVERY woman to do their own research and make their own choice to attend any of the clinics.

The following clinics are the ONLY ONES to have had co-design with mesh injured women (to our knowledge):


Queensland Pelvic Mesh Clinic

Queensland have had a functioning clinic since April 2019, it has been co-designed with mesh injured women and located on the Gold Coast.


RPA Mesh Clinic

New South Wales (Sydney) has the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) hospital in Sydney, this has also been co-designed with mesh injured women.

South Australia

SA Pelvic Mesh Clinic

SA Health has established a dedicated Pelvic Mesh Clinic at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, this has had a degree of consumer co-design.