Dear mesh injured community,

The time has come to say goodbye to the charity Mesh Injured Australia.

We are deeply saddened that at this strange time in the world, when health is of vital importance, that our daily struggles are still often unmanageable and go unnoticed.   We collectively feel that it is time to windup MIA and focus on our own lives once again.

Andrea has returned to Victoria, working in the health field (non-mesh related) and enjoying time with her youngest son.

Kim will remain an advocate and consumer voice for South Australia and running the FB support group.

Justine is in Bali during Covid and rebuilding her counselling practise, she will remain a health advocate and is focussing on her health & writing once again.

Our deepest thanks to Anthony Brown (HCNSW) Danny Vadaz (HIC) Ben Grahame (Chronic Pain Australia) Melissa Fox (HCQ) and the state wide Health Consumer Organisations, staff and individuals from other states whom without their intelligence, knowledge of health and the systems, care, love and dedication to the atrocity that is mesh, we would not have been able to achieve any of the milestones we have, to raise awareness about surgical mesh in so many different arenas.  Enormous thanks go to Joanne McCarthy (retired from Newcastle Herald) and her wisdom, insight and courage to keep calling out the atrocities, failures in the system and repeatedly telling the stories of so many brave women to facilitate this, may she enjoy her retirement and her grandkids.  Thanks also goes to Dr George Angus & his wife Wendy (retired from his practice in Newcastle NSW) for his staunch support and voice validating our concerns, despite peer pressure. Thanks too to Dr John Garvey for his continued support and validation of hernia mesh injured.  We also thank our probono professionals who provided valuable insight and support. 



Big thanks to Ex-Senator Derryn Hinch & Carly who fought this battle for a long time and instigated the 2018 Senate Enquiry – “Number of women in Australia who have had transvaginal mesh implants and related matters”.

We are heartened that further class actions are to be brought for other mesh devices after the long and arduous Shine J&J class action, that remains in the hands of the High Court at the last appeal stage – we trust justice will prevail and bring an end to this journey soon opening up precedents for future actions.

Deep gratitude to the several media voices Inc. The Project, ABC News (including PM on ABC Radio & internet), GP News, Australian Women’s Weekly, WHO Weekly Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald (Good Weekend Magazine), The Late News Channel 9, Channel 7, Channel 10, who sought out MIA to continue to cover our stories.

We also thank many overseas mesh support groups in UK, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, US, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa for their ongoing support and raising global awareness.

The website and its valuable content will remain available on a different site – details will be published here. We also hope to retain the MIA Facebook public info page, but will need to remove the MIA name. We shall try and transfer it to a generic name, so it will remain for its resources. Various state-wide and national mesh injured support groups remain unaffected by this decision.  

To all of you who contributed to MIA we thank you, it meant a lot to us and the cause.   We hope that all the work we did achieve will serve you all going forward in some way and serve the countless more injured who are yet to realise that is their fate.

Wishing you all the best possible outcomes for yourselves, your health, your families and your future.

Justine, Andrea & Kim


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